Thursday, August 14, 2008


Do you ever have those nights when you come home after work and before you know it it's 8pm and you still haven't eaten and you don't feel like cooking? We all do. Last night was such an evening for us. Because we wanted to eat somewhere close by, we decided to hit Gaucho's because we know the food is good and that we would be happy afterwards.

I did a write up on Gaucho's a while ago, but I decided to take a few shots of the food we had last night. Here's a link to the write up I did on LIVINGSTON COOKS:

Above is the Picanha. What that is is marinated steak that is grilled. Gaucho's serves Picanha with sausage, rice, beans, fried manioc (flour) and cassava. It's a good portion of food if you're hungry and it costs a paltry $15.00!

Another shot of the same plate. Can you say, "Picanha?"

This is the crisp fried cassava which is served in place of fried potatoes. It is very goooood!

This is the manioc. It is a fried flour which is milled from....manioc! It's buttery and good!

Pepper, onion and tomato relish.

This is the spit roasted chicken served with fries.

Lola's favorite carrot salad made with pineapple and coconut.

These are the fries! Keep your eyes on your fries!!As usual, dinner was good and we were happy as usual. Thanks guys!!


Anonymous said...

The Toronto Star gave this place a great review:

and I came across your blog so now I HAVE to try it. I drive by it everyday but the next time I will be pulling over.

Great blog by the way!

Livingston Cooks said...

Get on in there!