Friday, August 15, 2008


Well...I must sure is nice when you find a wine that does it for you. And, for us, this is such a one!! FETZER VINEYARDS Merlot is simply fantastic and I highly recommend it to everyone.

This is a medium bodied wine with rich fruity flavors and a low tannin level. It is very smooth with plum and cherry notes. For me this is the perfect combination for my personal tastes. Actually, I have been drinking a lot of red Zinfandels lately and this Merlot has me thinking I may go off my Zin binge.

This wine is available @ the LCBO for $15.00 and I think it's nice for the price!!

FETZER is a California winery that has a pretty good selection of wines. For me the Merlot is a first, although Lola assures me we had the FETZER Zinfandel which we didn't care for. I can't remember.

Here is a link to FETZER'S web page:


Anonymous said...

Seriously good Merlot, thanks for sharing.


Livingston Cooks said...

You bet! The thing with wine is that everyone's tastes vary, so what I may like, someone else may not. It's sort of risky recommending wines, but it's nice when someone else shares your opinion.

Thanks Vicki!

Anonymous said...

Excellent wine!

Anonymous said...

safe bet.