Sunday, March 16, 2008


Julienne of Bacon

Bacon Sweating In The Pan

Browning The Chicken

Roll Over Beethoven!

Shallots And Garlic Arriving To The Party!

Ahhh, Yes...the wine!

A Little Dribble

Actually, It Was A Big Dribble!

In The Oven For A Tan

Chicken Out Of The Pan While Sauce Reduces

Mushrooms Reporting For Duty!

Browned And Drowned

Coq Au Vin With French Beans And Herb Buttermilk Potato Mash

Um...I Hope I saved Some Wine To Drink!!

Yesterday I had a request to make Coq Au Vin at home. Coq Au Vin - translated "Chicken With Wine" - is one of those classic French dishes that is really delicious and super simple to make. I think of Coq Au Vin as being a "home cooking" sort of meal, like something your mother would make that you always loved when you were a kid. Anyway...I decided to go ahead and make this dish and I served it with French beans and some whipped potatoes. Hey...comfort food has its place...especially at home!
While I was out buying some wine, I picked a very cheap bottle of Argentinian wine to use for this dish. I got a Cabernet Savignon/Merlot blend for $under $9.00. I tasted it before using it for cooking and found it to be really dry. I could have drank this wine easily enough, but I wouldn't have enjoyed it thoroughly. I prefer fuitier reds and am currently drinking Zinfindels. But, this wine was spot on for cooking this dish so I was happy I found it.
Coq Au Vin, as I mentioned, is super easy to make. Basically, it is chicken that has been browned that is then braised in red wine. That's it! Originally this dish was thickened with flour or roux, but I reduced the sauce instead. I will explain the step by step process I used.
  1. chicken thighs - 12 pieces

  2. bacon rashers - julienne

  3. shallots - peeled and halved or quartered

  4. garlic - peeled and roughly chopped

  5. mushrooms - sliced

  6. red wine - one bottle

  7. chicken stock

  8. fresh rosemary

  9. parsley - chopped

  10. sea salt

  11. fresh cracked pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

  2. In a large pan, saute bacon over high heat until brown and crisp.

  3. Season chicken sections with sea salt and pepper and add to bacon, skin side down, in hot pan. Brown chicken in bacon fat and turn. Brown other side of chicken.

  4. Strain fat from pan and add shallots, garlic and one bottle of red wine into pan. Add two stems of fresh rosemary. Bring to a simmer.
  5. Put pan in oven and bake for approximately one hour or until chicken flakes off the bone easily with a fork.

  6. Saute sliced mushrooms until browned. Set aside.
  7. Remove pan from oven. Remove chicken from pan and transfer to a plate. Place pan on medium high heat and reduce sauce until thickened.
  8. Add sauteed mushrooms, chicken and chopped parsley into reduced sauce in pan. Warm through and serve.

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