Friday, March 28, 2008


Okay...I really like this place and I have no reason to pump it other than that fact alone. GAUCHO BBQ RESTAURANT was first introduced to me about 2 hours after I arrived in Toronto eight weeks ago. I had driven half way across Canada, through white-out blizzards, over the mountains, through the prairies, through the desolation of western Ontario, through the crazy-busy hiways of Toronto...and I was hungry and exhausted. I just wanted to sit down, eat something and have a couple of drinks. Gaucho's was the closest place to my new home, we went.

When I first walked in I wanted to find something more upscale because I wanted to sink into a soft chair and chill for a while, but I decided to make Gaucho's the spot for the night and I'm happy I did.

Because I'm a chef, I'm not easily impressed with food. I'm not a snob or anything, but I work with food and I rarely get impressed. I do, however, appreciate quality in food whether it be in the form of uber high-end cuisine or just a slice of pizza. Good is good, straight up!

Gaucho's is a Brazilian barbeque restaurant that served up some pretty traditional Brazillian grub. The meats (chicken, ribs, pork, steaks) are all prepared by either roasting or grilling and attention is given to quality and freshness. Sauces are made in house as well and several choices are available to customers as to how meats can be grilled or finished off.

The sides are pretty straight forward, home-cut fries, pomme paresienne, rice, salads and beans round out the list. One salad I particularly like is the carrot, pineapple and coconut slaw; it is cool and refreshing. I have taken this salad, in fact, and serve it from time to time at Eaton Hall. So, if you go to Gaucho's...definitely try it!

Food is prepared for take out or to eat in at Gaucho's. The plate presentations are nicely done and offer a variety of flavors and textures.

One of the best things about Gaucho's is the Caipirinha, a traditional cocktail made of crushed limes, cachaca and sugar. It's sort of like a Brazilian Margarita. I guess I'm a sucker for them because I love Margaritas.

Gaucho's is located at 1745 Dundas Street at the corner of Dundas and Lansdown. They deliver too if you're not in the mood for venturing out! The phone number is 416-588-1007.

Adios Amigos!! For now, that is...........


brasilnews said...

Hi Mark,

Tania from Gaucho would like to send you pics of feijoada, etc. Which email should I send it to?



Livingston Cooks said...

Send them to: Also, I want to take some pics of some plated food. If you have any...send them over, otherwise I'll come in and take some.

I am going to do a second post about the drink on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mark.
I just sent you an email with several pics. Please let me know if you recieved it.

Anonymous said...

Still good after a couple years.

Livingston Cooks said...

New owners just took it over. They're changing the food already.

I went in to order the rice with black beans and they no longer serve it the same way. They use red beans now. And...they had no flavor.

I'm not going to make any rash decisions just yet. Once they get their legs under them, I'll go back to try the food.

I'll post my personal opinion here.