Thursday, October 11, 2007


I have to admit that my favorite food is Mexican. I love it! But most of us think of little more than nachos and tacos smothered in shredded cheese, sour cream and salsa when we think of Mexican, and quite frankly, any pub you can stagger out of has one or two "Mexican" items on the menu that will satisfy your lust for grease with a shot of spice. I'm not talking about that kind of Mexican though. I'm talking about the kind of Mexican that is fresh and sexy, prepared with care and appointed with intricate, slow simmered sauces that come to us with a proud, rich heritage. I'm talking Mexican soul food brother!

When my ángel hermoso suggested that we go to Milagro Restaurante located at 5 Mercer Street in Toronto, I thought I would be in for another run-of-the-mill Mexican Restaurant flogging tacos, quesadillas and nachos shrouded in tacky Mexican tourist junk and peppered with the usual canned Mariachi music. I was wrong. Milagro (translated "miracle" in English) is an upscale, refined Mexican Restaurant the likes of which I have never been to before. The decor is chic and minimalistic; the music is smooth, rich Latin and the food is precise and authentic.

Arturo Anhalt, one of the owners, was an exceptional host, who himself hales from Mexico City. He has brought to this fine Toronto eatery his proud heritage of Mexican cuisine plus a touch of slick refinement. His staff are friendly and professional and delivered superb service and hospitality.

We had the guacamole with fresh chips, the chiles anchos relanos, the enchiladas rohas and the tacos dorados de pollo. All of these dishes were true to the authentic nature of the cuisine as promised by Arturo and were presented with flair. They were tasty samples of what can be found at Milagro.

And dessert was just as spectacular. We sampled the flan casero con caramelo (a Mexican flan made with cheese for a creamy, silky custard), the natilla de cajeta (a Mexican creme brule with caramelized goat's milk) and the trufa de chocolate maya (a dense, rich chocolate cake served warm). All desserts were mucho bueno!

Being a Margarita man, I had to try the Milagro marg as well as a Sangria. Both were very good and the Margarita especially packed a punch!

All in all, Milagro Restaurante y Cantina was a really spectacular place with much to offer and I plan to go back often. Follow this link to see what it is all about:

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