Sunday, October 14, 2007


Walking through the streets of downtown Toronto is always interesting. The sights, sounds and smells bombard the senses with a constant barrage of information. If you are selective, and if you are of a mind to take the time to live in the moment, you can sift out some very engaging experiences. Stopping to watch, listen, smell or taste can definitely give you a sense of the cultural richness and diversity the city has to offer.

There is no lack of entertainment on the streets of Toronto. Musicians, painters, crafters and performers of every sort busk for money and seek out the opportunity to entertain at every turn. Young and Dundas - just outside the Eaton's Centre - is rife with street entertainers at all times. There is always something going on there, and quite often it is the place where entertainers gather during Toronto festivals throughout the year

Here, a crowd gathers around a Columbian band playing Latin music and a couple takes the opportunity to show off their Salsa skills. Since I am so fond of Latin music, I had to stop for a while to listen. I also like Latin dance, so I had to see this couple crank out a few steps. If there had been a few Margaritas within reach, I'm sure a party would have broken out with very little effort!

And speaking of Margaritas, I was on my way to have a couple of them when I passed this band playing on the street! Hemingway's Restaurant & Bar is where I found the best Margarita during this trip to Toronto. I told the bartender exactly how I liked my Margs mixed and she did a brilliant job of spinning them up! I like them with lots of fresh lime juice for a good snap, and a floater of Grand Marnier to take them way beyond ordinary. I also like them on the rocks without salt. These Hemingway Margaritas were perfect! Don't they look great? Here's a link to this cool rooftop hangout:

After my Margs, I ventured into a few art galleries to look at some paintings. That's a nice way to spend time when you are relaxed and have nothing important to do other than satisfy your lust for visual stimulation. It's also an interesting way to see how artists view and interpret life around them and share it in new perspectives. And being somewhat of an artist myself, I appreciate checking out the work of kindred spirits who express themselves through other mediums than I do.

During my day's journey I crossed paths with a few of Toronto's finest - the boys in blue! Metropolitan Toronto Police have a long, proud history in the city and they have a tough job keeping the city as one of the safest in North America. Here are some Toronto cops traveling on wheel and hoof in the downtown core.

Marko's Margarita


3 ounces Rosa's Margarita mix
1 ounce Cuervo Gold Tequilla
1 ounce Cuervo Silver Tequilla
1 lime, juiced
1/2 ounce Grand Marnier
crushed ice


Combine Margarita mix, gold tequilla, silver tequilla and lime juice in bar shaker. Add a handful of crushed ice and shake. Strain into a glass of crushed ice. Pour Grand Marnier over top of Margarita off the back of a spoon. Garnish with a lime wedge.


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