Thursday, September 27, 2007


This July I took a trip to Toronto. While there, I was taken to many wonderful restaurants and had some really amazing food. One of my favorites was a Japanese restaurant called "Sushi and Bento" which is located at 187 Dundas Street. W. I have to say that I have eaten plenty of sushi in my time, but this was definitely the best I have had!

The chef worked away very quietly and unassumingly as he put out his highly artistic cuisine. His presentation was extremely colorful and abandoned the efficient simplicity to which most traditional thinking sushi chefs adhere. Being a black belt in Karate - a Japanese discipline - I have studied the Japanese culture somewhat and have grown to appreciate the directness and simplicity within it. It, in itself, is beautiful. But seeing this chef break free of those constraints and express himself so loudly on the plate was beautiful! The one characteristic he maintained that is common to every Japanese master was his humility. And it looked good on him too!

This is a very small restaurant (maybe 30 seats) and it is totally casual, but the food is something I would expect to see in a more upscale restaurant with a more formal vibe. We went there for lunch this one day and the place was packed. I imagine that dinner would be pretty much the same too.

We had the Sushi Pizza and the Hawiian Volcano Roll. Both were totally awesome and we were full when we were done. That's a good thing!

I am heading to Toronto again in a week and will be eating at Sushi and Bento while I am there. In fact, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

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