Wednesday, March 26, 2008

MY FRIEND........

This is Gail Riddall who is, perhaps, one of the truest friends I have ever had. She has never seen my face, but she has connected with me on a very deep level through a transitional period in my life. Gail is blind...but she sees more than most people I have ever met.

I worked for Gail and her husband Rick as a contractor in Penticton, British Columbia. While I was there, in their home, I became their friend. We share a love of food, wine and thought. Sometimes you never know who you're talking to until the talking is done.

Anyway, Gail is a lover of music and she is a singer. Just before I left BC, she was working on her first CD. It is called, "Ms. Gail Sings."

Gail may be just another face in the crowd to some, but in BC...the crowd is much thinner.

Go Gail go! You go too Rick!

This one's for you!


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