Monday, March 24, 2008


The Glass Lounge

The Great Hall

Table Settings In The East Dining Room

Ready To Rumble!

Dauphinoise Assembly

Eddie Massaging The Hams

Anna's Fruit Platter

A Few Sweets

And A Few More

Salad Table


Ed ready to go!

The Tanning Salon!

A new record...300 guests!


Anonymous said...

My cousin was visiting us from the states and we took her, her husband and kids up to Eaton Hall for the big Eater brunch. Are you the chef there? If so, THANK YOU or pass it along to the chef becuase we had a great time! The food was really fantastic. My cousin is a vegetarian and we were relieved at all the grilled vegetable dishes and salads presented. I was just googling easter brunch at eaton hall and this site popped up.

Anyway good job!

Livingston Cooks said...

Hello there! Yes, I'm the Executive Chef at Eaton Hall. I'm so happy you enjoyed yourself and I'll be sure to pass on your kind comments to Tony our general manager, Christine and Teresa our service manager an everyone else involved in the success of the day.


Mark Livingston
Executive Chef
Eaton Hall