Thursday, December 27, 2007


Christmas Dinner

Roasted Chicken with Sage Stuffing, Herbed Demi and Cranberry Mandarin Compote.


The "Guests" said...

When you were talking to Peggy & I before Christmas, I was really interested on your plan for "chickens for two" the dinner looks fabulous and I know we are going to "try" when we are next roasting a chicken sometime soon in the New Year

ps: your "turkey tip"....... yes we cooked breast down, a light rub over the bird with extra virgin olive oil, then sprinkled with dried thyme leaves (we couldn't find fresh)....... orange slices layed on top of the bird, then 7 strips of thickly cut bacon (from Tony's meats) layed over the orange slices... outstanding !! thanks


All the best in 2008 and keep wrting.

Livingston Cooks said...

Hey Randy!

Thanks for checking in!! I will email you some brine recipe for chickens as I will be looking for some ideas for brines to try. I was impressed with the results!

Glad to hear the breast down method worked well for you!

I'll be coming up to see you soon with a bottle for Zin so we can get a glow on together!

Happy New Year to you both!


Shantra (Shanti) said...

Very cool blog. And, despite the fact that I'm a lifelong vegetarian, I am hungry now!

Livingston Cooks said...


Thank you for dropping in to see my work here. I see you live in the US and that you like to cook!

It's nice to have someone so far away come in to see what I'm doing here.

Thank you!!


apageor2 said...

Very nicely done work on the blog. I haven't looked at all of the recipes yet however there are a few that sound quite delicious. I have it bookmarked in my favorites. I look forward to reading your updates.

Sue from Iowa, USA

Livingston Cooks said...

Thanks Sue!

Happy New Year!