Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I have recently embarked on a new mission; putting together a cooking demo to submit to The Food Network. Yep, that's right...I'm hoping for a cooking show! I can't give too many details right now as to the name and concept of the show, but it won't be long until I can share that here. At this point, all of the shooting is done, the film is being edited and sound and graphics are being added. I can't wait to see the final product!!

This is Istvan Dugalin. He is not only the man behind the camera(s), but he is the creative director and, well, everything in between. Were it not for Istvan, this project would not be possible. Thank you Istvan!!

This is the set at Eaton Hall. Were it not for Eaton Hall, this project would not be possible either.

As I say, I will be able to share with you the nature of the project as well as footage right here @ Livingston Cooks very soon. Keep your eye out for upcoming news!


Pretty Inside said...

I wanted to give Istvan his due. I found him to be very passionate about his work and it was a pleasure being part of his team during the Liberal Cowboy shoot. To learn more about Istvan and his projects, check his site out: http://www.raisedeyebrowproductions.com/

All the best!

Livingston Cooks said...

Actually, I wanted to expand o Istvan when the disk is out. I'm happy you posted a link though.