Monday, April 7, 2008


There's something about lime that I love. I think it's the freshest, most alive taste there is, and the very smell of it transports me to a sandy beach somewhere putting me in a festive mood prime for hot Latin music rife with congas, sassy trumpets and sexy Salsa rhythms. Hey, it's a recipe for excitement, and I'm always ready for a cold lime cocktail and some cheeky Latin jazz!

With that in mind, you might suspect that I'm a Margarita man.'re right if you do. A good margarita is the absolute king of cocktails in my book. But there is a close cousin to the Margarita that has my attention lately. It's know as the Brazilian Caipirinha.

The Caipirinha is made of crushed limes, sugar, and cachaca. Cachaca is a rum based liquor made in Brazil and the is the national drink. Here is a step-by-step on how to make Caipirinha at home from the folks at Gaucho BBQ.

First you need the Pitu Cachaca and a whole bunch of limes.

Slicey, slicey!


Pulverize the little suckers!

Add Cachaca...

...and sugar.

Kick it with some lime bar mix!!

Shakey, shakey!

Wakey, wakey!!! Ahhhhhhhh!

For more information on Cachaca, check out this Wiki link:

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Anonymous said...

im from Brazil and i thik the caipirinha iz beter dan margarita. yo put lime in woden bol firt to not brek da glas put lots ice a├žucar and cachaca over ice iz best