Tuesday, March 11, 2008


This is a random selection of plates we have produced at Eaton Hall since my arrival. The majority of them were created off the cuff for dinner service where small groups were in for corporate functions. None of these dishes appear on the regular banquet menus.

Some of the dishes included are: beef tenderloin medallions with peppercorn demi; veal chop with basil smear; chicken breast with roasted onion and Calvados cream; salmon baked in filo with spinach, feta and sundried tomatoes; seared quail on risotto; roast eggplant soup with red pepper drizzle and a mixed berry trifle.

Once I rewrite the menus (soon), I will standardize recipes and plate presentations. There plates were created at a moments notice on a daily basis as I have been orienting myself with Eaton Hall and getting the kitchen reorganized. Not too bad for being so preoccupied...huh?

Hungry yet?


Anonymous said...

Hungry yet????? you got me on the very first dish ... the presentation is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL ... and can just imagine how delicious these meals must be ... Eaton Hall here we come!


Livingston Cooks said...

Thanks! I'll see you for Easter Brunch @ Eaton Hall!!