Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I like to hear stories of success that come from hard work and long hours spent building something that stands the test of time. These are stories that inspire me and motivate me towards my own successes. They fill me with hope.

I heard a saying once, "The harder I work, the luckier I get." Sometimes you have to look hard to see sacrifice in people's lives, and other times it just slaps you in the face and screams for your recognition. One success story borne of hard work and sacrifice I have seen recently is the story behind La Casa Ouzeria Restaurant in Penticton.

Jack & Jackie Portalaki emigrated together from the beautiful Island of Crete, Greece thirty-six years ago and settled in British Columbia. It was here in Penticton where they raised their three children, Kosta, Minas and Eftalia. As a family, in 1996 they opened the small quaint, cozy restaurant La Casa Ouzeria. They prepared and served traditional Greek and Italian specialties and did well in their original location. They did so well in fact, that it wasn't long until they needed a larger venue.

With the support of many loyal customers, La Casa Ouzeria expanded to their new location, 1090 Main Street. It is one of three Greek restaurants I have been to in Penticton and in my opinion it is the best. The Greek food is traditional and home made. Great attention is given to the consistency of the food produced under the watchful eyes of every one of the Portalakis and great pride is put into running the restaurant.

Featured above is the Ouzeria Platter which gives a sampling of the many Greek items on the extensive menu. Calamari, Moussaka, Spanakopita, Dolmades, Souvlaki and lamb chops are the main components of the platter and it is fleshed out with a few other items.

Also featured above are Jackie and Minas Portalaki - mother and son - who, together with the rest of the Portalaki family drive La Casa into the future.

Here's a link to La Casa:


Expressions by MBG said...

Mark your blog is fantastic ... the photos are "mouth-watering" ... can't wait to try your recipes ... don't stop ...


Redwood61 said...

It is the best !

the food is always excellent,
and the service top notch !


Anonymous said...

This restaurant is gross. The service is crappy as well. Will never eat at La Casa again!!!