Sunday, September 30, 2007


This is a bit of a tribute to two local business I like to support when shopping for the highest quality ingredients for my cooking adventures. In this story there is a butcher, a produce shop and me...the taker!

Tony's Meats Ltd., located at1848 Main Street in Penticton, is without a doubt the best place to go for meat. He runs a tight little butcher shop and stocks the highest quality fresh cut meats, marinated house specialties and a wide selection of frozen product as well. His staff are always friendly, professional and ready to help with any special requests.

I have used Tony's meats for cooking on this blog, serving guests and for serving at banquets. I have always been impressed with his shop and highly recommend it as a source for the center of the plate!

Quality Greens Farm Marget is a local produce market that stocks the highest quality fresh local produce. They sell everything that grows in the field or the orchard and focus on local suppliers for in-season produce.

I have found that they stock many gourmet items that are difficult to find anywhere else locally. They are located at 2100 Main Street in Penticton. They even post thier weekly specials on line!

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